Breast augmentation is among one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and every year more women opt to have breast augmentation. The procedure is performed by inserting a breast implant of the patients choosing behind the breast tissue or above the breast muscle. There are several decision varieties of implants and several choice that are left up to the patient. The patient must choose among a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying designs in a range of materials. The patient also choses the placement of the implants depending on what their bust line goal may be. The surgeon performing the surgery often times gives his opinion on what breast implant Los Angeles may be best for the patients body and even skin type.

The breast implant procedure requires great medical skill to achieve the goal of leaving ones breast looking as natural as possible while still making them the desired size. Often times the surgeon will suggest another type of surgery to provide the patient with the beast possible results. Some surgeons recommend that their patient have a breast lift along with their breast implants Beverly Hills. Breast lift surgery is most commonly recommended for patients who demonstrate a lot of sagging due to aging, pregnancy, and breast feeding. During the combined procedure, some breast tissue is removed, the skin is tightened and lifted, and an implant is inserted.

Generally Beverly Hills breast enhancement surgery is performed in an office surgical suite or an outpatient surgical center, using local anesthesia, but can also be performed using general anesthesia this all depends on the surgeon and patient preferences. The surgery generally last anywhere from one to three hours, and begins with an incision in one of four primary locations.

Under the breast

Around the nipple

In the arm pit

In the navel area

A surgical tool is then inserted to form a pocket so that the Los Angeles breast implants can be inserted. There are also, three primary positions where the implants can be placed:

Above the pectoral muscle

Partially behind the muscle

Completely behind the muscle

These choices of incision and implant placement once again depend on the size and shape of the implant, body frame, amount of breast tissue, and planned scar location. The choice of saline and silicone are also a choice left up how to see private instagram photos the patient, but one must also factor in size, and body frame.


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