I was doing some research on some top briefcase manufacturers and could not help but notice some interesting things that made me ask myself an important question — «Should the media’s choice be my choice?»

how to view a private instagram profileI reviewed Zero Haliburton, Targus, Matias, Vanguard, Rimowa, Mezzi, Solo, and TZ. They all seemed to be highly rated briefcase manufacturers with great products. I therefore did not understand why one of them seemed to be more favored by the media. I therefore I had to look a bit more closely.

Of all the above listed case manufacturers, Mezzi Cases seem to have found themselves constantly being singled out to be used on shows and movies. What exactly is different between their cases and those of Zero Haliburton, Targus, Matias, Vanguard, Rimowa, Solo, and TZ? Or is it just a media hype?

I did some more research and found out that like, Zero Haliburton, TZ, Solo, Rimowa, Vanguard, and others, Mezzi had great Aluminum cases, a lot of options in their product line but most of all, their cases are by far more affordable than those of some of the other manufacturers. Who would pass up an opportunity of getting a good quality case at a lower cost? Not even the Billionaire Jay-Z who used a Mezzi M-Zero Molded Aluminum Case when he shot «Show Me What You Got».

NBC seems how to see private instagram profiles think so too, using different Mezzi cases for their Tv shows — «Chuck», «Knight Rider», and «Deal or No Deal».

A Mezzi case was also featured in Mission Impossible III with Tom Cruise and «Shooter» with Mark Wahlberg.

I would surely love to carry a case Jay-Z saw fit to carry especially if it so happens that I do not have to break my bank to do so. I really think this is one of the major reasons why Mezzi cases are making the impact they are making. They offer great cases like their competition, combining style and durability easily. They continue by presenting the buyer with so much options and then reeling them in with the most affordable prices.

I now know it’s not media hype. It’s business sense.


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