Situated in Northwest Phuket, Khao Rang is a beautiful hill offering stunning views that leaves a lasting impression. Formerly known as Kao Lang, this amazing hill offers breathtaking panoramic views of the town of Phuket, the glorious beach and other islands surrounding Phuket town. Khao Rang is known as a haven for those who wish to feel and see the sunrise and sunset in a unique way. It is also a great place to view instagram the sea and is ideal for a romantic getaway.

Today this beautiful low hill located close to the town includes many tourist facilities making it a complete and ideal tourist attraction. For example, it has a fitness park, Public Park and a few restaurants serving both local and international food.

These restaurants not only serve mouth watering Thai cuisine, they also provide some spectacular views that make dining much more pleasing and exciting. The fitness park and Public Park are regularly visited by locals. Most locals and International tourists visit Khao Rang to relax and enjoy the beautiful natural views. It is also well known as a perfect place to capture some memorable photographs to take home with. Khao Rang or Rang Hill is a great place for picnickers due to its soothing expanse of grass.

At the top, visitors will find a statue made out of bronze. It is the sculpture of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit who was Phuket’s model Governor during the reign of King Rama V. The top of this moderately sized mount comes with many tourist friendly features such as seating areas. Khao Rang is kept clean and is easy to access. In order to feel its calm ambiance and appreciate its breathtaking scenic views, travellers can stay at a nearby Phuket Hotel or Phuket Resort hotel Most resorts and hotels are renowned for offering traditional Thai hospitality along with an extensive range of modern amenities.


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