Physical Education has always been hack an instagram account important part in University.

At the end of the semester, we all have within a specified time in the school, to log on school enrollment for choosing the physical class in the next semester. Originally the school’s network is not a good thing. Thousands of people swarmed number, which led the course selection system close to collapse.

I do not love with these people who robbed the matter, and let them choose first then it’s my turn.

The PE Courses available left football. What come to my mind first is the Cheap England Football Shirtsthat I bought in high school is in somewhere in my house. But it really was ignored. How does a girl play football? In my subconscious, football is a man’s sport.

The action is simply not suitable for delicate and exquisite gentle girl ah. I expressed considerable frustration. In fact, Definition of familiar and unfamiliar football, I really do not know that the venue rules. Not familiar with that strange, at least what the world’s deadliest teams and players I know a little of.

Take England as example, the Premiership club with big players there, a lot. For me personally, Beckham is definitely a superstar I. His every move by the world’s attention, which team he plays for, ah, he is now wearing a Spanish League Football Shirts

a few, ah, daily tracking reports. For example, the late celebrity, Hong Kong singer Anita Mui is the loyal fans of David Beckham, David Beckham as her hair is changed. Is really no other way but to do so?

Time for class, I came in fear I do not recognize the football field. Noon the day, football is particularly shines bright, a group of men on the pitch wearing a Barcelona Football Tops

rush off. Some of the howling with, and some in the yelling, their eyes are focused on the field that the only football. Indeed, the only three girls in the class. Many girls in the Foreign Language Institute, even in the physical encounter so many boys do not know good or worry about good fun. Teacher is a middle-aged men, but it was nice.

First class, he introduces some basic knowledge of football to us, of course, this knowledge is really a piece of cake for the boys, they really do not want to listen to them, the heart long to fly up the court. Therefore, the class teacher to take care of these students on the football uneven, he will go free, will not stay to practice basic moves.

Suddenly, those who wear the

Barcelona Shirt

of the boys at once ran away neatly, and in fact we have only 3 girls. Desperation, we had to pick up the football to feel it. Relative to basketball, I think football is really much more difficult. To control its direction of its speed is really not a simple matter.

However, when you stand on the court, your feet will unconsciously earth, and you want to touch this one familiar and strange football. This reminds me of 4 years term of the World Cup, the players on the pitch valiant, fans shouted themselves hoarse in the sidelines; it makes such a boiling atmosphere.

Football as a competitive sport, is really the place its charm. Perhaps in the near future, I can play football properly.


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