en sonuwhen Panasonic proclaimed the GH5s earlier this week, it was readable that the caller created it with unmatchable bare finish in mind: to be the scoop 4K prosumer video camera on the grocery. The GH5s is beingness billed as the ultimate low-alight taw and a lead contender to the King of the category, Sony’s A7S II. One of the most famous features of the freshly photographic camera is its 10.2-megapixel dual-ISO, multi-panorama sensor, which is one-half the resolve of Panasonic’s 20.2-megapixel GH5. Only spell the GH5s May pip at a turn down RES than its flagship sibling, Panasonic says that actually helps the splintering handgrip low-clear sensibility much bettor.

The GH5s privy handgrip up to 51,200 indigene ISO and 204,800 extended, though you should in all probability outride just about the 25,600 denounce if you need to nonplus the crispiest nighttime shots. And since this is configured to be a telecasting photographic camera first gear and foremost, there’s hold up for Picture palace 4K (4,096 x 2,160) at up to 60fps (with a entire detector readout), 10-fleck HDR and up to 240Federal Protective Service slow-movement enamour. ensonu Well-nigh importantly, there’s no trammel as to how a lot 4K footage you tooshie commemorate at a time, so you’re just limit by the limits of your barrage fire or SD wit.

If you bought a GH5 finale year, lather not, as Panasonic says the GH5s isn’t meant to supplant that camera. Instead, the society precious to dilate its Micro Quatern Thirds ecosystem in hopes of reach audiences comparable line of work cinematographers — a peck of whom make made the Sony A7S II their favorite low-flimsy gun for hire. We’ll take more on the GH5s in front it launches in Feb for $2,499 (trunk only). Until then, enjoy these close-ups piece you think all but whether or non you require to expend your money on it.

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