Nigeria is a country blessed with numerous resources, and a lot of great people, yet things are hard. A majority of the youth are unemployed. To get the best job, you either have to be lucky, or you’ll need to be connected (i.e know someone). Numerous youths currently will be going into scam businesses, even graduates, due to the lack of jobs.

A lot of people also don’t bother searching for job vacancies. The internet, unknown to them, is a good place for vacancy information.

Below are a few steps concerning how to get a good job:

1. Search the internet wisely: If for example, you are a doctor searching for a job, do not just type ‘Doctor’ or ‘Doctor Job’ within the search box. It would be wiser to search for something like ‘Doctor latest jobs in Nigeria — Recommended Webpage, in Nigeria’, ‘Doctor Jobs in Lagos’ ‘Oil and gas jobs in Lagos for June 2009’ etc. That way, your search would be limited by just the important sites.

2. Bookmark your job Vacancy web sites: You will discover numerous job vacancy web sites in Nigeria fundamentally, and it is usually challenging to keep up with them. To make this easier for you, bookmark those sites, so that once you are on the net, you just go straight to all your bookmarked sites, and look for updates and new Nigerian Vacancies.

3. Subscribe to their feeds: By subscribing to their feeds, the vacancies are delivered straight into your email box, making it easier for you, so all you should do is go to your inbox, look for the ones you need, click on them, and apply.

4. Read the instructions for applying very well: A great deal of applicants just browse over the job advertisements without even reading the instructions concerning how to apply. This reduces the prospects of your actually getting the job or maybe being invited for an interview.

With all I have said above, I hope you would put all this into consideration when trying to search for your next job.


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