dead body«It’s not you. I really like you. I think you are very cute and all, but I just can’t be doing this kind of thing anymore. I need something more permanent,» she said, feeling better about her decision with each word that she spoke.

Jesus did exactly what he said he would do and when he said he would rise. If a dead bodyof himself could have been produced, it would have been and paraded about the country side. Nobody wanted to see him walking around and the tomb spoke for itself. He was gone before the stone was rolled away. Critics cannot account for any of these occurrences and to not believe that Rome did everything they could as well as all the religious authorities at that time, to prevent Jesus from getting out of the tomb even as a dead body, is an extremely difficult evaluation to adopt and defend.

I admit I even owned a minivan. I fought it for years, but I got tired of being the social pariah of the parents’ carpool, and since I was the only mother who worked from home, I needed the extra passenger space to schlep everyone’s kids around. But I vowed to myself that once my chauffer days were done, a minivan would never sit in my driveway again.

It is often read at the memorial services of soldiers. In WWI, soldiers were not always able to bring back the bodies of their dead comrades. In France, dead soldiers were buried in the national cemetery, if their remains were found. However, there is a huge field dedicated to the unknown soldiers. As far as you can see there are only white crosses with names on them, but the names on the crosses don’t necessarily match up with the bodies that are underneath them.

Comics have long commented on and reflected the tone and mood of the day. But they also provided a humorous respite from everything else that was going on. It’d be nice if we could return to that model. I don’t need Judge Parker and the Phantom to tell me how desperate is is out there. Note to Dot and Ditto: Aren’t you a little young to be watching ‘CSI’?


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