New Year's Mysterious Journey Began

since the launch of the Christmas update 2009, many brave adventurers have already ventured into Zao to discover its mysteries and face the numerous challenges waiting there. In this featured article, we should provide you with some web sites the development of this new continent. The content associates Chayenne, Knightmare, Denson Larika, Lionet and Tibia’s graphic artist Jan are the types who gave Friv 1000 birth to the astonishing new content the Christmas update brought along.Such a great new land mass with a lot of new monsters and quests may be the results of good teamwork. During the planning phase of your update, this content team has to decide who’ll mainly manage which map area and which quests. «Everyone gets to do a little of other nutritional foods, but mostly we try in order to find arrangements so that everyone can target the tasks they likes most or possibly best at,» Chayenne informs us. «Jan is our man for the people beautiful graphics, naturally, plus coordinates our external artists. Knightmare writes many of the great stories as well as larger and challenging questlines like The New Frontier or some crazy ones like Isle of Evil. He also brings most monsters alive. Dens is basically great at designing awesome areas with a high detail level and writing fun quests stuffed with complex scripts like everything in and around Beregar or even the Treasure Hunt. For me it depends how much time I have besides organising everything. I like to design large and story-filled questlines also like Blood Brothers, but also small, and fun bits like Eclesius’ quest or Unnatural Selection. I also implement most new features including the content side with the marriage system or Travora and love to chew complicated scripts and riddles over. Lionet likes that too, I think, judging from your riddle in his Children of the Revolution quest, but has additionally shown to be an excellent map editor and story writer while using Muggy Plains — an incredible addition to the team!»


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