If you’re looking to catch live episodes of popular shows like Mr. Robot, Suits, or Shooter, you’re going to be out of luck without a watch usa network live cable subscription . The best method for streaming USA Network depends on your individual needs – but here are our top recommendations.

Cheapest, best overall way to stream USA Network

Sling TV wins here. For $25/month, you get USA Network, AMC, TNT, TBS, FX and FXX, SyFy, and A&E.

Even if you add on the $5/month DVR, Sling TV is still cheaper, unless you can get the $20/month AT&T online usa network Unlimited deal for DirecTV Now.

Not only that, you can stream on 3 devices simultaneously, which is more than enough for most cord-cutters.

Streaming watch usa network live Network with a large family

PlayStation Vue wins here. Though it’s about $15/month more than Sling TV, you get access to the same great cable channels including the USA Network, and the 5-person simultaneous streaming policy is an incredible value.

While Hulu With Live TV + the Unlimited Screens package is a viable option, it would cost you about $55/month. For that same price, you could upgrade your PlayStation Vue package to «Elite» – and get access to over 100 total channels.

Our runners-up

YouTube TV and Hulu With Live TV are decent choices, but lack some major cable networks, which is why they’re not our top picks. DirecTV Now is good as well, but it has no DVR.

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