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Get the Car Rental Singapore without Breaking Your Wallet

When you are traveling in Singapore, you’ll realize that traveling with rented car gives you so many freedoms in going from one place to another. It also eliminates the hardships that you usually find in public transportation.

By driving the rented car, you can achieve any place that you want in Singapore without having to wait in line for the bus, book tickets for the train, or looking for a cab. Many people are deterred because they think that renting a car is very expensive. Well, it is not true at all. In fact, you could save even half of the total budget for transportation with the car rental. Avoid wasting your money by sticking to the right car rental in singapore.

For this occasion, we’re glad to tell you that the best car rental company that you can rely on is Here are the tips to get the car rental Singapore without breaking your wallet.

Book the car rental online

With the rental, you are able to book the vehicle without having to go for miles to their office. You can even do it right at home conveniently. The offers lower basic rates which you can use to save more money for a great deal. The avis car rental gives you a better price and you can book right from their main page. You just need to fill the information like pickup location, the date, drop off location. That’s it. Then you just need to finish the transaction, and VOILA, the car is available for you to the designated time and place agreed. Another perk of booking online through rental123 is that you can quickly browse the fleet of the car rental singapore and compare one vehicle to another.

The vehicles that you can rent come at different rates. You will also obtain the comparisons by looking at the car list provided by rental 123.

Book on weekends or weekdays? Low-season or high season?

If you have flexible dates to travel to Singapore, it is best to avoid the crowd. Although it is up to you to travel anytime you want, you can save a lot more if you travel in the low season. The days in the high season can be a bit expensive in rates. If you want to save more, consider renting for the low season days. But if you don’t have any other choice than renting in the high season, you don’t need to worry. Booking online through rental 123 is still cheaper than the conventional ways of transportation in Singapore.

Pick Compact Vehicle

Unless you are going with the big group, your best option is to rent a compact car. The compact cars are less expensive than the bigger car.You and your buddies can also share the billing together so that you can save more money. But keep in mind that the compact cars are high in demands. Therefore, you will need to book earlier to reserve your slot for the compact cars. Because of the economic factors of this rental car, the rental 123 often runs out of this fleet and offers you the bigger cars instead. But you can consider this sneaky trick. When a rental company offers you a big car, insist to have the smaller car instead. Chances are they don’t want to lose their customers and offer you the Luxury car rental for the same price as smaller budget car rental. If you are lucky, you will get to that.

The all-in costs

In Singapore, ideally, the smaller car can cost around $40-$60 for cool units. It can cost more for more luxury vehicle. If you by chance look at the ads that way they offer you the price under $30/day for a vehicle, you should really be careful. You will need to see the detailed information. Most companies who offer the dirt cheap rate can slap on the taxes, insurances, and other additional fees. In the end, you will end up paying double. But with the rental 123, you don’t have to worry because there is no hidden fee at all. The prices that you see on the website are the exact amount that you have to pay for using their service.

Insurance? Do You really need it?

It is a great idea to have the travel insurance when you are on the trip in Singapore. But most of the time, you won’t need it. Your best chance is to get the auto insurance and credit card company. So, it is no different with the insurance offered by the rental company. You can omit this factor.

Reach the customer support for further information

When you find the best company on the website, you could reach the customer support for further information. Chances are there are many offers which are disclosed only by phone or by visiting their office. You won’t find that kind of information on their page. So, it will depend on you when you establish the communication with their customer representative. Don’t hesitate to ask if there is any promo or special offers. Who knows, you can save more from the specific deals you agree with the rental company.

Avoid Airport car

Often, you hire airport car or shuttle to drop you off in another place. Hold that thought. You have found rental 123 as your transportation provider, so you can use it. Avoid using airport car because this will only make excess airport fee. We mentioned before that you can set the pickup points and drop off points right at the rental 123 websites. You could set the pickup points in the airport so that the chauffeur service rental activity can be started right when you are at the airport. Use the rental car to drop you off the place where you stay.

Book earlier

It has never been too late to rent a car. But if you don’t book earlier, you may lose the chance to get the fleet that you want. Not to mention that booking earlier will also give you the cheapest car rental. It will save you more money. Negotiate with the customer representative. You will get the better deal when booking earlier.


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