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Seem distant from us have the energy problem in recent years been concerned about the degree to upgrade every year, the lack of global resources has been in the oil,

Copper , Aluminum prices on many shows. «Building a frugal society» is a central raised in the Plenary Session is an important strategic policy, conservation is the responsibility of the people, of course, as the enterprises should also spare no effort to have to research and produce energy saving products to meet the community needed to guide the direction of consumption. At the Ninth China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, we see domestic appliances, automobiles,

Electronic , Petrochemical And other industry leading companies to bring advanced energy technologies. High-Tech Expo held in China’s energy during the high-level strategic forum for the Session on energy saving, experts and enterprises to explore the development and application of energy-saving technologies, including representatives of household electrical appliance enterprises in Qingdao Hisense all participants to introduce energy efficiency for household appliances to make particular contribution of frequency conversion technology. Ben Wang editor after the interview to Qingdao Hisense Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Mr. Zhang Chuanjun, asked him to get a more detailed analysis of the frequency of road home appliances.

Energy-saving air-conditioning is imperative Appliances rapid development in recent years has been to the national power to bear enormous pressure, particularly to the peak summer air-conditioning, power cuts of the problem in most parts of the country are very serious, air conditioning itself energy conservation has become an important need. This is why energy conservation forum, please appliance business, especially in air conditioning has a unique energy-saving technologies in terms of achievements of the company one of the reasons. Air conditioner energy-saving technologies can be divided into three types: first, energy-saving devices and energy saving technology, such as the use of efficient

Compressor Using the heat transfer enhancement techniques, such as hydrophilic membrane aluminum foil (not easy to form a water bridge because the water plug air duct), with internal threads of the brass, etc.; second is to improve the design of air conditioners, optimize the structure parameters and system parameters; third operation energy-saving control, that is, the capacity variable frequency control technology, especially technology.

Zhang and introduced energy-saving inverter air conditioner is mainly from three aspects: one is to reduce the loss of frequent switching machines; Second, steady-state increased efficiency; third is under the air conditioning low-frequency operation of their high energy efficiency ratio, the more energy efficiency another job means more power. These three aspects of comprehensive energy-saving, guaranteed energy saving ขาย inverter air conditioner is obvious advantage. Experimental results show: constant speed regardless of compression air conditioning system a few times and efficiency, increasing energy conversion technology can be further achieved more than 30% or more. Thus, in air conditioning energy saving technology, the frequency to be the most outstanding energy-saving technology solutions, is the energy-saving air-conditioning to achieve the most effective, most advanced and sophisticated technical approach. Hisense is the first frequency conversion technology applied to air conditioners to the enterprise, is also the core technology of inverter air conditioner so far done the best business. The DC inverter air conditioner energy efficiency ratio (SEER) above all in 3.9, much higher than the fixed rate set by the state’s most advanced energy-saving standards for air conditioning, energy saving has been achieved over 50%.

Hisense Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Chuanjun

The introduction of the frequency theory, the details of the study had to rely on their own

Air changes in the technology of this product like other products can not be as straightforward changes, such as

TV From the CRT into a flat,

Washing machine

From the pulsator to become drum, air conditioning has always been to maintain a constant appearance, although there are data reflected energy consumption, but consumers are not sensitive, so air conditioning would not have sales in the current rapid development of . Some people say there is no technical content of air-conditioning, Zhang always thought that on the contrary, air conditioning is a multi-disciplinary professional product, one which will affect the body as a whole, just the appearance of change is likely to lead to the transformation of the outlet, and noise and other issues, so need air-conditioning systems and comprehensive design. Air conditioning is not a pure product, the need to adjust a large number of experiments with various components, so air-conditioned room for more independent research and development, the principle is the same, but who come up with the best match whoever can use the minimum maximize the effectiveness of the cost. Hisense is the conversion from Japan to introduce the principle, but the more technical details or on their own experiments to explore again and again out.


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