amc stream live onlineNegan: You lose. It’s over.Tonight we’re basically

blowing up Alexandria.This is wholesale destruction.We’re a hundred people

running aroundin the middle of the night,

blowing things up.We blew up a car or two.Then we came overand blew up some of the churchand then blew up another car

and then blew up two houses.It’s exciting

to be an actor on a setwhen things are on fire

and exploding.I’ve done some other

watch amc stream live action scenes before,but I haven’t done anything

like these kind of explosions.Agypt: Tonight we’re gonna seethe solar-array panels

behind me explode.Some of these

are rigged to blow,so you will see

some tempered glass.We are going to blow up

a majority of them.The other pieces,

like the glass and the panels,we’ll probably augment

with some C.G. elements.The next explosion

after the solar-array panelsis the church,

which is behind me.Pritchett: We had a series

of eight small explosions.We broke it up because

it diminishes the shock waveso I’m not breaking

the neighbors’ windows.I was sitting probably

30 to 40 feet awaywhen the chapel exploded.That was quite jarring.I wasn’t expecting kind of

the — the vibration from that.♪♪Carl is basically gonna see

a grenade go into the window,and he immediately runs

out of the house.And we have

two blue screens set upwhich we’ll key off of.Once he clears,

we’ll pull out the blue screens,keeping the cameras

where they are,and then we’ll blow

the houses up.And when we’ll just marry

the two images together.Agypt: These houses we built

within the Alexandria community.They’re shells.The insides

are all rigged to explode,and they will blow much biggerthan, say, the church.There’s gonna be a carsomewhere along the street

that’s also gonna blow.Man: All right. Here we go!We are going to basically

light it up with some lights,and visual effects will add

the first initial explosion.Ugh!And then we’ll cut backto a stuntmanwho is being watch amc stream live blown

backwardsand the car exploding

with a real explosion.Blow up every other house.I’m gonna go to Rick’s

and make a little spaghetti.It’s super surreal

when the smoke comes inbecause the way

it sort of hovers over the set

and with the light.These are military-grade.

I think they’re M18 smoke pots.The smoke grenade,

it’s just a simple —you pull the pin

and it blows up the smoke,but it really helps Carl

in this situation.Douglas:

It produces a ton of smoke,and when you’re using three

or four of them at a time,it really elevates the look

of a battleground.Boom!What’s been challenging

about all thisis to get all of the explosions

into a tight TV scheduleover three nights

without a second unitand keep the same level

of explosion and fire.What time is it? It’s 4:23,and I know that 20 minutes ago,we had to wake up a lot

of people in this town.We’re very lucky

that the people of Senoiahave been very welcome to usand know that,

every now and again,they’re probably gonna be woken

up in the middle of the nightby some explosions.♪♪


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