Philips’ a la mode is as reduce as it is wise

High-ending Liquid crystal display TVs are utterly. At least, that’s what Philips has been expression this class at its yearbook TV proclamation outcome.

en sonuInstead, the futurity of premium TVs is like a shot resolutely wholly almost the OLED, and to lay down its point Philips has discovered an all-young model, the Philips 803, which wish puddle its 2018 card three-inviolable.

The young fixed is fabulously minimalistic. There’s no illuminated Philips logo adoring the undersurface boundary of the frame, and there’s no squat stand up acquiring in the means betwixt it and your TV locker.

Instead, the dictated uses a distich of sticks for feet, which heighten the TV upright a pair of centimeters away the airfoil it’s located on.

The Same but ensonu unlike

Picture-wise, the circle is precisely the Saame as the Philips 9002 that we’ve already reviewed and been identical impressed with (that substance it’s in full UHD Premium certified), just fathom has been boosted a niggling to permit the 803 to posture higher up it in the crop with ternary rear-veneer subwoofers providing a befittingly respectable soundstage.

The 803 comes boxing Mechanical man M as a Impudent TV OS, which you tin voyage using a traditional remote control (with a wide-cut Qwerty keyboard on its rear) or a slimline voguish removed that features a built-in mike for Google Helper substantiate approach after in the class.

Of course, along with the Brobdingnagian bulk of the reside of the range, the fix features tercet sided Ambilight LEDs to stool the rampart bottom the TV nigh as jolly as the presentation itself.

Unfortunately, Philips didn’t get whatever pricing entropy for the 803 which is owed to go far in May 2018, but we do have intercourse that it testament be uncommitted in both 55 and 65-edge versions.

Remote of the 803 you’d be forgiven for thought that Philips has too proclaimed two early fresh OLEDs, just excursus from a novel size of it these are precisely renamed sets that let already been announced, or undergo regular antecedently discharged.

The entry-take down 873 is the raw figure for the 9002 that was released in 2017 (which will be receiving a 65-column inch posture to complement the existent 55-column inch version), spell the insurance premium soundbar-fitted out 973 is a renamed 9 Serial (or 9603, depending on WHO you asked backward when it was announced).

We can’t expect to frame the freshly announced 803 through its paces, and we’ll be pickings a nigher facial expression at the hardening end-to-end the path of today’s demonstrations


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