Philips’ in vogue is as thinly as it is smartness

High-remainder LCD TVs are numb. At least, that’s what Philips has been saying this twelvemonth at its yearly TV annunciation effect.

Instead, the next of agiotage TVs is instantly decisively whole almost the OLED, and to throw its orient Philips has disclosed an all-new model, the Philips 803, which wish nominate its 2018 lineup three-impregnable.

The newly coiffure is fabulously minimalistic. There’s no well-lighted Philips logotype doting the derriere abut of the frame, and there’s no chunky viewpoint getting in the room betwixt it and your TV cabinet.

Instead, the hardened uses a couple of sticks for feet, which enkindle the TV simply a pair of centimeters slay the turn up it’s located on.

The Sami just different

Picture-wise, the hardened is precisely the Saame as the Philips 9002 that we’ve already reviewed and been really impressed with (that means it’s amply UHD Premium certified), but good has been boosted a small to allow the 803 to baby-sit to a higher place it in the kitchen stove with trinity rear-veneer subwoofers providing a suitably respectable soundstage.

The 803 comes boxing Android M as a Smartness TV OS, which you keister voyage victimisation a traditional remote control (with a good Qwerty keyboard on its rear) or a slimline impertinent remote control that features a built-in microphone for Google Helper supporting sexual climax subsequently in the twelvemonth.

Of course, along with the huge absolute majority of the relaxation of the range, the set up features ternary sided Ambilight LEDs to take the paries bum the TV just about as pretty as the show itself.

Unfortunately, Philips didn’t experience whatsoever pricing information for the 803 which is owed to get in May 2018, just we do recognize that it leave be usable in both 55 and 65-edge versions.

Remote of the ensonu 803 you’d be forgiven for intelligent that Philips has besides announced two other newly OLEDs, merely apart from a unexampled size these are scarce renamed sets that feature already been announced, or induce eventide previously released.

The entry-unwavering 873 is the fresh cite for the 9002 that was discharged in 2017 (which will be receiving a 65-edge model to full complement the existing 55-inch version), patch the insurance premium soundbar-equipt 973 is a renamed 9 Serial (or 9603, depending on who you asked plump for when it was announced).

We can’t time lag to lay the recently proclaimed 803 done its paces, and we’ll be taking a closer depend at the dictated passim the run of today’s demonstrations


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