Although dealing with the possibility of cheating is an unpleasant business, just the fact that you are here reading about signs of a cheating partner is a good thing. It means you are gaining strength and are ready to handle the answers to your questions, no matter what they may be.

There are some signs of cheating that are not always obvious to the partner being cheated on. Sure, staying out late constantly, giving you lame excuses for not being with you, and sly phone calls in the middle of the night are all clear signs that something is going on. However, there are a few others that may surprise you. Here are a few of the less common ones.

Is your partner taking better care of himself or herself? A change in hairstyle, shopping for a new wardrobe (especially if it is without you), increasing trips to the gym can all be warning signs of an affair.

Has your partners taste in things suddenly changed? For instance, his choice in music may be rapidly moving in another direction, or she suddenly enjoys going to the symphony.

Does your partner spend more time at the computer and less time with you? The internet has been one of the greatest communication tools of choice for cheaters. It offers private email, chat rooms, and the ability to wipe the evidence with a few keystrokes.

Are you finding items of clothing of members of your sex that you don’t own? If he or she tells you it was a gift for you, ask where the tag is. The same goes for jewelry, accessories, etc.

Is your partner more irritable? He or she may be starting fights for a couple of reasons: it is a good way to self-justify his behavior, and also serves as a good excuse for her to go for a drive to cool off. Or heat up.

Is there suddenly a new cell phone that your partner uses often? Often cheaters want a way to communicate with their paramours that belongs only to them. Not only does it allow them more privacy, but also gives them a sense of the security that comes with isolation from the rest of the world.

Has your partner cheated before? If so, you are likely the next victim if other signs of a cheating partner are present. It may be hard for habitual cheaters to change habits.

Foes your partner take hours to do something away from the house that should take much less time? He or she may be visiting a paramour right before or after going to the hardware store for that home improvement project.

Do supposed business trips take your partner to places where there really is not much business? Trips to tropical islands, tourist traps in Mexico, or even places in your home state that have nothing to do with your partner’s business are all signs of cheating.

One of the best signs of a cheating partner may indeed be that you are here reading this article. If you are already suspicious, your partner has likely already displayed signs of cheating. In any event, at least you are now taking steps and can move on gracefully with your life.

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