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500 000 pre orders of Kaizoku Musou game is a large number definitely. Seeing how long One Piece moved previously number of years, you’ll find nothing being shocked. Up till now One Piece franchise makes several records related to the volume of manga and comic selling. One Piece fan base keeps grow andgrowing.Finally we are in a position to play as Straw Hat pirates in PS3. The One Piece game titled Kaizoku Musou will probably be released by March 2012 (also referred to as as One Pirates Musou). Since this game is developed for PS3 gaming platform, the graphic is within good quality definitely. Thank much to Bandai and Omega Force for making the dream of One Piece fans be realized.In Japan, the One Piece game may be ordered for 8190 yen for standard version. There is also a Treasure Box edition that amounted to 12,390 yen. The Treasure Box edition is bundled with Golden PS3 that’s specially engineered for One Piece Kaizoku Musou. The box may also come with 15 pin badges plus an OST CD. Customer containing pre-ordered Kaizoku Musou also obtain two downloadable serial codes which might be used to buy Straw Hat Pirates custom theme for their PS3.According to Nakajima, all characters amongst gamers was made over completely from scratch so that’s will fit the One Piece world. Nakajima also mentioned that Kaizoku Musou is produced for One Piece readers and fans. Just by seeing the trailer, you will see that some scene strictly follows the initial storyline. The building and environment also strictly follow the main One Piece world.What is more interesting; One Piece Kaizoku Musou can be a multiplayer game, which means you can begin to play it with your friend. According to Namco, approximately 2 players can begin to play the action at a time. It will probably be more enjoyable if more players can start to play the game. Among the playable characters hanging Frin around is Edward Newgate / Whitebeard, Boa Hancock, Portgas D. Ace, and Brooke. Yes, Brook is a playable character. Finally we can start to play as Brook inside a One Piece game.Although the Kaizoku Musou (Pirates Musou) will probably be released soon, appears like plenty of fans going to be frustrated due to the sport is merely in Japanese version. There are still no rumors about porting Kaizoku Musou to other languages, especially English. Somehow it is possible to fans which don’t mind toplay Japanese version of Pirates Musou considering that the pre order variety of the action already achieved 500 000.To celebrate the action that will likely be launched soon, a shot version of the action was featured at Name and Sony Entertainment booths through the latest Jump Festa 2012. A few One Piece voice actors for example Tanaka Mayumi, Kazuka Nakai, and Kazuki Yao had come for your pre-launch. The Jump Festa is often a success. Furthermore the guests of the event find a way to grab chances to win lots of prizes such as Kaizoku Musou Treasure Box edition, One Piece actionfigures, and more.


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